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Our legal team has been handling various criminal cases for over two decades. During this time, they have developed an acute understanding of the criminal justice system and how it can affect and impact an individual’s life, family, and liberty. Being charged with a crime is a life altering matter and the defense of it requires a competent team of individuals who understand the client and the situation. Too often, individuals, including some law firms, forget that it is not just the person who is charged with the crime that is adversely affected by the pending charges, but also the entire family as well. The legal team at our law office is prepared to assist the client and his/her family during this critical time, whether it is preparing for preliminary hearings, arraignments, obtaining a bond reduction, or trial, our team is ready to help facilitate and meet the client’s needs. Murder Attorney Fort Worth

Our firm is not afraid to take on the difficult cases. We have handled every type of criminal case and have done exceedingly well. Our law firm has handled various criminal cases including, but not limited to: capital murder, murder, manslaughter, arson, theft, drug trafficking, robbery, cattle rustling, DUI, etc. No matter the charge that you may be facing, our legal team investigates each and every case so that you are provided with the best defense. Our experts also continually get updates of new laws and changing laws as they are passed through the State Legislature.

Many of the cases that our law firm has handled have been high profile cases involving media coverage. These type of cases are quite stressful as stakes are high and involving someone’s life or at least their liberty. Our law firm understands what is at stake and are prepared to represent our client to the very best of our ability. Files in our office are not assigned a file number for a specific reason. At our office you are a person, not a number. We have always felt that the staff should treat each individual client with the utmost respect. Whether the case involves an elected official or an ordinary person, our team understands the importance of discretion and we utilize all of our abilities to keep as much of the harmful information from the press, media, and other outlets that can cause embarrassment or ridicule of the client. Too often, individuals who are public or elected officials are tried in the public by the media and press. We are prepared to meet this challenge head on. Free press is instrumental to a free society, but a free press is not a free license to attack, ridicule, or unjustly accuse individuals without a proper trial.

Our law firm has also had experience in representing police officers charged with criminal acts. Police officers, like anyone else, are sometimes unjustly charged with criminal acts, usually associated with some high profile political undertone. Police officers put their lives on the line each day to protect the public at large. Often through no fault of their own, they are accused of wrong doing or crimes and have to seek the assistance of counsel. Our legal team feels that it is part of their duty to the criminal justice system to ensure that these individuals are given the same rights, protections, and due process as any other individual charged with a crime. We have a special understanding of the interworking of the police departments and administration including training requirements.

Our firm has taken on various types of white collar crime including, but not limited to, embezzlement, employee theft, and other types of such crimes. Throughout the years we have learned various security measures used by banks and similar institutions in dealing with employees and the money that comes through their establishments. This knowledge of the policies and procedures that have been implemented by these types of institutions and businesses have resulted in great success in defending individuals who have been accused of stealing in these types of businesses. Our legal team has also been able to develop reliable defenses where individuals accused of stealing in the retail setting. Too often, employees are accused of stealing items that have been misplaced or taken by other individuals. We understand how to dig into the interworking of the management policies and procedures and security measures that various retailers, national and otherwise, have implemented in protecting their stores. Often these various measures are what can be utilized to develop a viable defense for our client.

Over the years, Our law firm has dealt with various kinds of arson cases. These types of cases can at times be related to other cases such as murder. These cases are sometimes high profile cases. Our legal team understands the importance of the knowledge of fire science and its application. Having developed good relationships with various Fire investigators and EMT personnel, our firm is able to consult with these individuals in these types of cases. Too often, insurance companies are the motivating factor pushing municipal investigators to pursue arson when in fact there was no intentional fire. Our legal team addresses this head on and makes those insurance companies accountable.

Trials – some law firms are not prepared to go to trial with your case. We are. Though the years, we have developed our own method of selecting good potential jurors for each particular case. We understand that each jurisdiction and each population of different parts of the country look at individuals and charges differently than in other areas. We have learned how to prepare the presentation of evidence and how to combat detrimental evidence which may be improperly introduced by the government against our client. While jury selection and presentation of your case are instrumental in your defense, we also understand that often the client has a story that he/she needs to tell. We are there to assist you to prepare for trial and tell your side of the story. Putting your life in the hands of 12 people is a stressful situation. We understand and are prepared to help you combat that so that you can contribute to your own defense at your trial. The day of your trial is the 4th most important day of your life followed only by the day you were saved & redeemed by the blood of Jesus, the day you were married, and the day your children were born. The outcome of your trial will affect your life and the lives of your loved ones or family. This is why it is important to have someone who is prepared to go the extra mile with you.

Plea bargaining is also an essential element of the criminal justice system. Bad things happen to good people every day. Too often people feel condemned for their mistakes and throw themselves on the mercy of the system. That is the last thing that you need to do. If you have been caught doing something wrong and need help, we are here. Sometimes, victory is not trying to get you out of a case that you are guilty of, but to work out the best deal possible for you and your family. If you are in that situation, don’t give up and settle for what they give you. Let our law firm professionals assist you with the plea bargaining, sentencing, and probation aspects of your situation. In some instances, getting to go home to your family is victory enough. Pre-sentence investigations and probation hearings are just as important as any other aspect of the criminal justice system. Your mistake does not have to end with you going to jail.

The Johnson law firm can also assist you with an expungement. Having past charges removed from your criminal history can be very complex and complicated but very necessary in today’s world. A bad criminal check can prohibit you from obtaining the job that you desire, as well as, have other detrimental effects on your life. We can help.

In addition, our legal team can assist with having juvenile records sealed. Young people are one of this nation’s greatest assets. If your child has been charged with a crime, let us help you with sealing his/her juvenile record. The juvenile system can be just as treacherous as the adult system. The decisions a young person makes can have lifelong consequences. No let the mistakes of childhood or adolescents dampen your child’s future. Let us help with sealing his/her juvenile record.criminal law

If you have been charged with a serious crime and need the expertise of a serious defense attorney, please feel free to contact our law firm. We can evaluate your case and give you and honest assessment of your situation and what it will take to help you through it. We are honest with our clients and demand honesty in return.

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